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What is Blogging?


What is Blogging?

Blogging is a popular internet phenomenon and the number of blogs in operation today rivals the number of newspapers published in the entire world. A blog can be a commentary or informative website published online consisting of short, sometimes informal, diary-style entries. Blog posts are generally displayed chronologically in reverse chronological order, with the newest post appearing at the very top of the page, followed by older posts at the bottom.

The term “blog” comes from “blogging”, which was the traditional way to organize and keep track of political and other informal conversations held at public meetings, trade shows and similar events. When blogging first became widely used, bloggers were primarily anonymous and used to express their opinions and feelings, but they gradually began to be identified by their blogging activities. Today, however, almost everyone can be recognized as a blogger, and blogs generally have an author photo at the top, or a photo of the author and his or her pet, or both.

The major difference between blogging and simply writing articles is that the purpose of a blog is to entertain people through written commentary rather than inform them. As such, a blog differs from other traditional writing media such as newspaper, magazines, books and websites in that blogs are written for entertainment purposes, and they usually only feature news, reviews and personal information about the writer. Blogs are much more informative and often contain links back to the original content of the blog itself, and many bloggers now have sites that offer additional information. Some blogs, however, may have limited access to these sites; blogs are also commonly referred to as web logs or web sites.

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